Ladies, it is time you find out how important SPF is for your precious skin! SPF is an essential summer saviour from the weather, but before you apply any kind on your skin there are a few tips that you need to know about SPF.

SPF Itself Is Not Enough

Most of the time people assume that the highest level of SPF will keep you protected from the harmful rays. Not true, SPF isn’t the only thing you need in order to be protected from the sun! Look for what will give you the best protection. SPF 30 that contains zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, or mexoryl is what will do the job.

Waterproof Sunscreen Is Not Waterproof

Labels on SPF bottles will refer to SPF as water resistant. Still, play it safe and reapply every hour. You don’t want to risk a burn! And when you are not in the water, you should be reapplying every 4 hours. 

Protecting The Scalp

The most neglected part of your skin, the scalp. It can burn just as easily, and usually does because it is directly exposed to the sun. Your hair can be damaged by the sun too, especially if you are under the sun a lot. Even if you are wearing a hat, the sun can penetrate. Try using hair sun protector, it’s less greasy than lotion and it does the job well.

Do Not Use Spray On

Just don’t use them if you want your skin to be fully protected. When you simply spray it on your skin, you normally don’t apply a thick enough coat for it to do any good. And you also don’t get as much protection as you do when you actually rub sunscreen in and allow your skin to soak it all in.